Can You Beat a Marijuana Test?

//Can You Beat a Marijuana Test?

Can You Beat a Marijuana Test?

Have you got a drug test coming up? Beating a marijuana test is one of the most common things a lot of people search online, especially in the U.S.

Despite cannabis being widely accepted and recognized, Americans still have to go through the routine and surprise weed tests to ensure that they stay employed at a company. A drug test typically occurs for people who are applying for a new job, but current employees of a company also have to deal with one from time to time.

If you’re a frequent marijuana user, then you need to know how beating a marijuana test is possible. In this guide, we’ll show you two methods to beat a drug test depending on your usage and time remaining for a test.

Passing a drug test in a short time

If your time is limited, let’s say less than a month before a drug test, then you need to try the following methods to pass the marijuana test.

Detox using natural detoxification product – This is one of the most common methods to beat a marijuana test when you have less than 10-15 days remaining until a test. There are numerous natural detoxification products that drastically increase the times you urinate in a day. The aim is to naturally cleanse your body of THC metabolites in the shortest time possible.

You must make sure you are also following some kind of a detox diet with these products to ensure no traces of toxins are left in your body.

Use same day cleanser – Same day cleanser products are popular amongst people who have literally a few days left until a test. These products temporarily clean your body of toxins. The product works by targeting the urinary tract and bladder to flush out any THC metabolites. You can then give a urine sample within 6 hours to beat a marijuana test.

Finding Refuge in Recovery

Passing a drug test naturally

If you’ve got 30 days until the test and you want to beat a marijuana test naturally, then follow the steps below.

Exercise regularly – Marijuana can easily enter your fat cells and find a home there. With regular exercise, you can burn fat which causes the THC metabolites to disappear from the fat cells and elsewhere in the body.

Drink lots of water – this is a no brainer, the more water you drink, the more toxins you’ll flush out from the body. Drinking lots of water every day will completely flush out THC metabolites and other toxins from your body.

Eat leafy green vegetables – leafy green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and kale are very rich in vitamins and minerals. These vegetables have the perfect combination of minerals, vitamins, and iron, which is excellent for boosting the body’s metabolism rate.

Drink tea – want to beat a marijuana drug test with flying colors? Drink tea. There are many teas that naturally detox your body. We highly recommend drinking Dandelion tea because this specific tea eliminates toxins directly from the liver.

Detoxifying your body naturally works every time. So make sure if you’ve got time, don’t stick to any other method than the natural one.

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