Dangers of Methamphetamine Addiction

//Dangers of Methamphetamine Addiction

Dangers of Methamphetamine Addiction

Before we get into it, first we have to know what meth is and how it works. Meth, short for methamphetamine is a white, sugary odorless drug which can be dissolved in the water. It is an extremely potent stimulant drug which enters the brain in a much higher amount compared to other drugs, thus making it very dangerous and insanely effective. It also has a lot of severe long lasting effects and higher dosage of intake might even result in fatality. Meth is a lethal drug and has devastating effect on both the body and the mind. It tears apart families and societies. You can learn more about how long meth can stay in your system on Addiction Rehab Blog’s page at http://addictionrehabblog.com/how-long-does-meth-stay-in-your-system/.

Meth has the ability to enter the brain and influence the pleasure center. It can elevate a person’s mood and give them a sense of euphoria. It also boosts energy and gives the user a sudden burst of energy, motivating to go into an episode of hyper activity. Once taken, users can go for hours on end without any fatigue or tiredness and does not require the person to go to sleep. It also suppresses a person’s hunger and appetite. So, many people resort to taking meth as a way to lose weight.

meth pillsDopamine is a neurotransmitter that is involved in the pleasure centre of the brain. Once released it puts the body into a sense of happiness and calm pleasing state. It also helps motivate the body and brain into completing tasks. Meth takes control of this directly and totally dismantles the normal dopamine release process. It starts to release twelve times the normal dopamine, thus flooding the brain with it and the user loses the perception of normal functioning and goes into a constant state of euphoria. This is why it is extremely difficult for meth users to lay off this drug and they relapse constantly while attempting to leave it. Meth use has some adverse effects which are given below:

  • Tooth and gum decay: It is fairly certain that a meth user’s tooth and gum will rot and fall of if normal doses are taken even in a minimal basis. This effect is known as meth mouth where the patient loses their teeth because of meth abuse.
  • Skin picking: Meth users have this habit of picking their skin and thus making sores and cuts on the body which is susceptible to further infection and other diseases.
  • Hair fall: Meth users often lack nutrition because of their lack of appetite. So their hair fall off fairly quick and shows baldness.
  • Psychosis, Paranoia: Meth users often suffer from paranoia and other psychological complexities. They are often depressed because of dopamine drainage and are susceptible to self harm or anger induced violence.
  • Weight loss: Meth users are drained of their energy very quick and lack of food and the inability to eat decreases their body weight resulting in various severe diseases.

Meth users are also victims of constant mood swings and all of these adverse effects on their body constantly puts them on strain and result in their demise if not treated in time.

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