Finding Non-Narcotic Alternatives in Recovery

//Finding Non-Narcotic Alternatives in Recovery

Finding Non-Narcotic Alternatives in Recovery

Getting sober, we have to find alternative ways to take care of ourselves, have fun, and be healthy. There are of course times where we simply need narcotics for a medical condition, but we must be diligent in trying to find ways to care for ourselves without drugs or mind-altering substances when possible. We can find natural ways to increase energy, enjoy ourselves, fall asleep, and handle pain.

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Here are a few non-narcotic alternatives we can look at in our recovery.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a phenomenal way to go. We can use essential oils for bruises, to help us fall asleep, increase focus, and many more things. There really are many benefits of essential oils, and we can use them for many things in our lives. Whether we need some mental or physical care, there is almost always an essential oil that can be helpful in recovery.

There are oils like lavender to help us fall asleep, peppermint to relieve headaches, and wild orange to help elevate mood. These offer powerful alternatives to prescription drugs and are neither addictive nor mind-altering. Essential oils can boost the immune system, help keep your mind clear, and help your body get the rest and relaxation it needs.

Nutrition and Exercise

Although it’s not really an alternative, nutrition and exercise can have a dramatic effect on the way we feel. We can have fun, take care of our bodies, and encourage healthy mental states. Research shows that even small amounts of exercise can dramatically increase our mental mood, reduce symptoms of depression, reduce stress, and do many more health things for our minds. Get out and go for a walk or hike, take a swim, or just keep your body moving in slight ways!

Nutrition is similar. Although we may think we eat in a relatively healthy manner, we may be consuming things that actually make conditions worse. Stimulants like caffeine can have dramatic effects on our minds and bodies. Sugars, proteins, and carbs all can change our levels of energy, healing rate, and mental clarity. Watch what you eat and see if you can listen to your body to see what you’re missing. Try to get your fruits and vegetables, and leave the extra sugars and caffeine behind when possible.

Alternative Therapies

For pain and difficulties, there are many things we can do. When recovering from addiction, it helps to find things that can make us feel better without altering our mood or triggering an addiction. Acupuncture is a great way to go and can help treat a number of issues. The World Health Organization created a list of symptoms and diseases which may be helped by acupuncture, and it is impressively large. Check it out, as you may be surprised how many conditions can benefit from regular acupuncture treatment.

You may also investigate things like yoga, meditation, and spiritual-based therapies. These practices can help reduce pain, induce sleep, relieve sore muscles, and do many more healthy things. Try finding a local meditation class or look for one online. One Mind Dharma offers great online meditation courses, and there are many great YouTube videos from yoga teachers. We personally love Yoga with Adriene, but there are many to look through! Find what works for you!

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