Five Ways to Take an Awesome Vacation in Recovery

//Five Ways to Take an Awesome Vacation in Recovery

Five Ways to Take an Awesome Vacation in Recovery

When I was using drugs and alcohol, I took a few vacations. They all revolved around drug use, and although I had fun, I was never sober for my fun time. Getting sober, we can still take vacations but may need a new way to look at the experience as our lives have changed. Here are five ways you can take an awesome vacation in recovery. We start with the more extravagant and expensive options, and move into easier and more cost-effective ones! Whether you want to head somewhere to be in nature like Aktun Chen or somewhere to be in a city like New York, you can do so sober! You can learn more about Aktun Chen Eco Park at

Charter a Boat

Yes, this is a luxurious option. But, if the money is there, this can make for a phenomenal vacation. There are places like Tehiya catamaran charters that offer private and personalized vacations in the Caribbean. On a private charter, you can enjoy sailing with an experienced crew, a private chef, and activities like snorkeling, water skiing, and paddleboarding.

Whether you want an exciting adventure outdoors or a relaxing few days in the sun, a boat charter is simply one of the best vacations you can go on. I had the opportunity to go on a boat charter in the British Virgin Islands with some family, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. One great thing about this type of vacation is the freedom to be yourself. On the charter, it was just a small group of us. The crew was supportive of everyone’s recovery present, and we were able to create our own vacation!

types of vacationGo Somewhere New

Going somewhere new is always a fun thing to do, and we don’t need to do anything too dramatic. I’ve lived in California for most of my life, but there are many parts of this huge state I haven’t seen. My wife and I have taken trips to Death Valley, Santa Cruz, Big Sur, the Lost Coast, and more. You can go somewhere new on a budget, or take a big and fun trip. For our honeymoon, we went to the other side of the world to visit the Maldives.

Going somewhere new offers a new experience, one that isn’t tied to memories of drinking and using. We can give ourselves the opportunity to look at something with fresh and clear eyes. We get the chance to see somewhere new with a new set of eyes and a sober mind, and can rediscover the joys of enjoying new things without drugs or alcohol.

Look for the Deal

This is a fun way to take a trip. You can use products like Groupon to find deals going around. This is definitely risky, and you won’t always find the perfect vacation. However, there are often packages on these apps and services that are awesome deals! You can find local getaways, all-expenses-paid trips to Europe, and all kinds of fun vacations.

Finding the deal can be fun for many reasons. First, we can save a lot of money and get a pretty awesome price on wonderful vacations. I’ve gone on vacations through LivingSocial that I would absolutely not have been able to afford at all normally. Second, we can go to new and fun places which we may not have visited otherwise! A scroll through Groupon will show you deals in places you probably haven’t considered visiting. Going somewher enew can be fun and exciting, no matter where it is, and this can help give us som healthy fun and excitement that we need in recovery!

Spend Time in Nature

This is one of my favorite types of vacation. It can be pretty cheap, relatively easy, and offer quite a bit. Especially if you can get a small group of friends or loved ones to go along, you can create some awesome memories. Try camping at a nearby park or wildlife area. There are often campgrounds at lakes, national parks, and near the coast. Find a campground either close to home or a few hours away and get out there!

Spending time in nature is a wonderful way to take a vacation. There are many benefits of spending time in nature, and it’s quite healthy for both the mind and the body. We can allow ourselves to relax, disconnect from the overwhelm of technology, and just enjoy being with people we like!

Conventions and Retreats

Finally, you can take a vacation and go to a convention or spiritual retreat. Whether your drug of choice was prescription drugs, alcohol, or speedballs, there are always safe places to go to be with like-minded people in recovery. There are twelve-step conventions, recovery retreats, and roundups. You can also find spiritual retreats for meditation, which is a wonderful break from everyday life!

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