Uncovering the Causes of Anxiety

//Uncovering the Causes of Anxiety

Uncovering the Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety is quite uncomfortable, and we all experience it at times. Although we often just want to push it away, we can actually dive into it to help ourselves learn to live without it. It’s through understanding and clarity that we are able to free ourselves from the grips of anxiety, not through aversion and just pushing it away.

Why Understand Anxiety?

Understanding anxiety is powerful first step. When we understand, we can take action with more precision. It is through clear seeing that we are able to move forward with our anxiety. Understanding it allows us to respond, instead of just reacting like we normally do.

For example, we may see that it’s falling asleep that is causing some anxiety. We then can take action. Meditation can help you fall asleep, as can certain lifestyle changes. Without understanding where the anxiety is arising, we don’t know how to work with it. If our anxiety is from working too hard, we can learn to take a break. By understanding the causes, we can take healthy action.

Different Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety can have so many causes. Sometimes, it is just in our minds and nervous system. Other times, it is caused by something specific. It may be spending time around family, getting stressed at work, or driving. Believe it or not, many people get panic attacks just from simply driving. If this is you, you’re not alone. One Mind Therapy has a great post at https://onemindtherapy.com/therapy/panic-attack-while-driving/ on dealing with panic attacks while driving.

There’s no “wrong” reason to experience anxiety. It can come up for strange reasons or at silly times. Be true to yourself and accept the fact that there are tons of different causes of anxiety!

Looking at Your Anxiety

One great way to start looking at your anxiety is to keep a journal. It can be an actual journal, or maybe just a simple note-taking app on your phone. When you notice anxiety in your life, take a moment to jot down the time, what you’re doing, and anything else relevant. Maybe it’s where you are, the time of day, what you ate, who you’re with, etc.

As we do this regularly, we can begin to see patterns. We see that we are often anxious when we’re hungry, or maybe we’re most anxious at work. Remember there’s no wrong answer. Be open to seeing something new. Once we see it clearly, we can begin to investigate how to deal with the anxiety.

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